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Mar 27, 2017 by Jarrett B

An excellent trading system that provides live, hands on executions within a guided chat room where traders and students alike can learn how to trade options, improve their risk to reward ratios and simply succeed on the long term where so many others fail. I have learned so much in just two months, have made such a great return on my investments and no longer worry at night if a trade breaks down on me because of the controlled risk approach taught by The Super Trader. And the bonus ? I've already made some good trading buddies that I know are sincere, honest and simply there to support and help each other.

Full disclosure...

Mar 27, 2017 by Gary

I am the veteran of trying a hand full of investment guidance like services. Quite common are the promises of frequent enormous profit producing trades. These are based on those past winning trades only without mention of the losers to the detriment of a balanced portrayal of all trades placed. By contrast, Super Trader has a complete historical log of all closed trades and their metrics.

Super Trader's founder and head trader, Nic Lovelace is a consummate technical trader and communicator with enormous people skills making this the most engaging and personally helpful service of its kind imaginable. Options Trading is complex and can be intimidating for the inexperienced. I have made numerous inquiries and asked many questions of Nic without fear of ever feeling inadequate or not heard.

S&P 500 Income Trade

Mar 27, 2017 by Joseph

The S&P 500 monthly income trade is the most consistent method of trading I have ever seen. I have been using this method for 18 months and it has been an absolute game changer for my retirement planning. I have consistently earned 40% on my investments on an annual basis.

Trading for years-first time ever made money consistently

Aug 09, 2016 by Marie

I've studied options for about 10 years, had good trades and bad but never was consistent with making money until the super trader allowed me to watch over their shoulders. I paid thousands for classes and coaching to "learn" how to fix trades gone wrong but wasn't ever successful at making money consistently. I needed help not more teaching. The super trader is LIVE and real time. You won't get a by the way I closed or adjusted my position on XYZ after market closes so you can't really follow the "instructors"! Super trader is awesome and I earned more in the first month to more than cover my yearly subscription for a few years! Best move I ever made.

A phenomenal option strategy !

Oct 14, 2015 by Angie M.

I highly recommend the S&P income strategy for investors looking for a consistent return in up or down markets. The returns have been awesome and exceeded my expectations given the volatile markets this past year- THANK YOU Nic and Eric!

Making money!

Apr 29, 2015 by Jim S

Just wanted to drop you this email to tell you that I really like what you and Eric are doing with “TheSuperTrader”. You and Eric have put together a fantastic place where we in your community can learn and trade in real time putting your concepts to work making money!

You are EXACTLY what I need!

Apr 29, 2015 by David c

I have a serious requirement for investment income since my pension was reduced in a corporate bankruptcy to one quarter of the projected amount. I have looked at many different methods of earning a higher return than offered through certificates of deposit, annuities, money market accounts, etc. and have found that most are more hype than substance. While stumbling around through the investment maze, I determined that trading option spreads and iron condors were the most intelligent way to earn serious returns on my money.

I have read several books on the matter, invested in a few subscriptions to investment advisory services, and determined that I wanted to concentrate on investing in Index ETF iron condors. They seemed to make the most sense to me. I have tried SPX, NDX, and RUT and now due to a few bad experiences limited myself to SPX iron condors. I was working on removing all emotion from my investments and was looking for a formula to use for adjusting SPX iron condors when I found your company. You are exactly what I need. I don't think I would have discovered you invest sizing theory and therefore I would have continued to struggle with adjustments and therefore suffered occasional large losses.

I have gained a new confidence in my investing and I sleep much more soundly

Learned more in months at The Super Trader than years of other training

Apr 29, 2015 by Bill D.

The Super Trader is going to be an amazing service for me. I believe it is relatively new and I have only been involved for a couple of months. But in that time, I have learned more about chart analysis and identifying solid trade ideas than I have in the few years that I have been trading. I am retired and working on creating a good monthly income from trading. The S&P 500 Income trades are an excellent foundation for income and the strategy has continued to be successful even during the large swings the market has been taking over the past couple of months. I also really enjoy the 25K Challenge sessions for what they provide as trade favorites, some aggressive but still logical based on price action and some conservative for those like me looking for some stable income without too much risk. The Super Trader team, Nic and Eric, also do a tremendous job recording the trading notes, brief snapshots of the trading room sessions and trade ideas as well as complete archives of videos that are very useful for looking back and enhancing the live learning experience. I look forward to a long successful trading experience with the leadership team and as well as the member community.


Apr 29, 2015 by Charles P.

The Super Trader is highly recommended for anyone that wants to create consistent income through multi-legged option trading. Nic and Eric are very knowledgeable and easy to work with. In particular, they teach how to utilize Bull Puts, Bear Calls and Iron Condors to achieve desired objectives. The Super Trader not only teaches the methodology to professionally execute and document trades, but also how to correct trades that are going bad. The teachings, webinars and support make The Suprer Trader worthwhile and a great value.

A higher standard than the typical services available...

Apr 29, 2015 by John P.

I've known and learned from Nic for many years and have found that he has a wonderful knack for teaching things in a way that makes what can be a very complicated subject, crystal clear.
I was thrilled to learn that he and Eric had developed a service that would allow me to work closely with, and learn from these two great teachers. At the Super Trader, there is a feeling of support right from the start. Questions are answered, ideas are bounced around, help is given and information is shared through a supportive and interactive platform. My biggest fear of getting involved in option trading was going it alone and getting myself into trouble with nowhere to turn. With Super Trader, I know that Nic and Eric have my best interests in mind and are truly passionate about what they are teaching. They are determined to set their service apart, and operate at a higher standard than the typical services available out there.
I'm happy to have both the S &P 500 trade section where I can work at my own speed on creating monthly income through a proven strategy as well as the daily 25K challenge where I can enjoy learning in a fast, fun and interactive virtual classroom.

Happy to be a part of this great group.

Paid for my subscription cost for the entire year!

Apr 29, 2015 by Bill C

I've only been a subscriber of The Super Trader for 2 weeks and wanted to let you know on my first trade (the January GOOGL bear call credit spread) I made enough to cover my subscription cost for the entire year. Still learning to navigate the site and especially like the brief daily update in the evening. Nothing better than making money while being educated at the same time. Keep up the good work.

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